I ordered one of Elaine’s cheesecakes for my partner’s birthday and it was AMAZING. The day went to hell in a hand basket when I broke my ankle, but the cheesecake got us through it 🙂 We are already plotting what flavor to order next!


We have ordered the mini cheesecakes on two different occasions now and my family loves them! They are very creamy and not too sweet like others we have had previously. Elaine is local and based in Milton and also offers delivery with a smile!


I took a box of Chocolate and Strawberry Mini Cheesecakes home for my family, I was a hero! They loved them! Thank you Elaine!


I’ve tried the strawberry and almond crumble cheesecakes. The textures were smooth and had great consistency. Generous toppings on both cakes. I’m usually not the biggest fan of strawberry, but this cheesecake definitely tops my list. Will definitely be back for another order!


I ordered several products from Elaine for a business meeting. Everything was visually attractive but even better, the flavour and texture was world class quality at very reasonable pricing. Her vegan cheesecake is one of my personal favorites. I will continue to use her services in the future.


We ordered a strawberry cheesecake from Elaine. It had a beautiful presentation and the cake itself was delicious! Everyone liked how fresh it was and I especially loved the crust. The flavour of the cheesecake was very unique and lemony.


Elaine’s cheesecakes are fresh and delicious! I love that they aren’t too sweet either. I can’t wait to try more of her desserts. I loved that she followed up to see if I liked my order. I will be back!


My family and I have been a big fan of Elaine’s baked goods. My two boys love the Oreo Chocolate Cupcakes and they couldn’t get enough of them. My personal favourite is the fruit tarts. You can still taste the freshness from the fruits. We often order Pies and Cakes from Elaine for our family gatherings and special occasions. If you are craving for made-from-scratch, top quality, delicious baked goods, you’ve come to the right place.


I stumbled across Elaine’s post on last call for Pumpkin Cheesecakes on Facebook just a couple days before Thanksgiving. I thought for sure she is already fully booked and probably cannot make a Gluten Free Pumpkin Meringue Cheesecake, with a prompt response I not only got a “Yes” Elaine kindly offered to deliver to my home the morning of my family dinner. I was so impressed and of course thankful. I really didn’t know what to expect but for sure it would be better than whatever I tried to bake. LOL. Elaine was so responsive and when she arrived promptly at my door with my cheesecake… I was so impressed by her attention to beautiful intricate detail of the design on the meringue. It looked absolutely beautiful as you can see by the photo. My sister in law is gluten free so our entire Thanksgiving needed to be GF. The cake was delicious and was a big hit this Thanksgiving. Thank you Elaine, I highly recommend you try Elaine’s delicious & beautifully presented cakes for your next event or special occasion.


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