About Me

I’m a passionate baker for 12+ years, a Food Scientist at day-time, a Food Photographer in the making, and recently became a health & wellness blogger.

After finishing culinary training, I found myself fascinated with the science behind cooking so I decided to study Food Science at University of Guelph. Working in the food industry has been a great journey and I learn so much about food every day!

I’m a big foodie, but baked goods to me are more than just food – it’s an indulgence, a delicacy that you treat yourself and your loved ones only once in a while! I love sharing my sweet creations and seeing people enjoy them. My favourite thing to bake is… you guessed it… CHEESECAKES! 

In my spare time I enjoy hiking, traveling, trying new cuisines, learning about nutrition and wellness while occasionally binging on junk foods 🙂

Interested to get to know more about me and what I do? Let’s chat!

Warmest regards,


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